Pen and pencil drawings.

One-off realistic drawings, using only pens or pencils on cotton paper.

Framed artworks shipping worldwide.

Based in Milan, Italy.

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Alessandro Paglia – Pen Drawings

Hailing from Milan, the Italian capital of design, Alessandro Paglia has always been fascinated by the sheer elegant simplicity of that most classic of colour combinations, black and white, whether it be in the fine-arts, design, fashion, film or photography. With an education and background in product design and over ten years of experience in that field, Alessandro says…

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Pop-Culture Photorealism by Alessandro Paglia

The unreservedly remarkable pen and ink drawings of artist and photographer, Alessandro Paglia, should be used to eliciting the responses: "It can't possibly be… There's no way… That is definitely a photograph." Created entirely by hand, first through a pencil sketch of the subject and then through the use of "superimposing a layer of chaotic lines on top of another" with intensely black, felt-tipped pens on rough-grain cotton paper…

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Mind-Blowing Ultra Realistic Drawings

The Italian artist Alessandro Paglia realizes one point at a time thousands of thousands of times works more real than life. Inspired by photography fascinated by shadows reflections and textures he takes care to meticulously photograph each of his subjects in order to obtain the perfect rendering which he then reproduces on coarse cotton paper with fine tip pens…

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Drawings By Alessandro Paglia

These drawings are a magnification of each piece as a tribute to its elegance and personality. My process is simple: I choose and photograph the subject, I draw the outlines in pencil and then meticulously reproduce it with thin technical black ink pens on rough grain paper laying layers of ink…

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These rare, classic cruisers have been meticulously hand-drawn with ink

Artist alessandro paglia has forever been fascinated by the elegant simplicity of black and white. ‘objects attract me in particular their aesthetics textures materials and volumes’ the milan-based creative says. ‘I feel inspired by the stories they tell their personalities the ingenuity of their creators…

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Everyone wants the drawings of this Italian artist

His name is Alessandro Paglia, and his hyper-realistic illustrations make collectors happy. Alessandro Paglia, a relatively young artist (born 1980), left his job in the design sector and started doing what he wanted and more loved: drawing...

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